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  • DesignHack.One: “Social Media CheatSheet”

    I know you all have had that one moment where you really just need help with something as simple as resizing images for the 21347842632965743825 platforms it needs to go on. This little cheatsheet from […]

  • [She Said What: 01] Facebook Paper

    If you haven’t heard about the latest app from the failing Facebook updates, prepare yourself because this one is……….AMAZING. Facebook paper is a delightful twist from the past updates and revitalizes the user experience. http://live.fastcompany.com/Event/Livechat_With_Facebooks_Creators_Of_Origami_A_Free_Tool_To_Mock_UX

  • “Reflections” Art Show Judging

    “Reflections” Art Show Judging

    Today I had the pleasure of judging an art show called “Reflections”. The theme was all about dreams and inspiration and what you want to do with your life. The artists were all from elementary […]